Immemorial - Azade Shahmiri

After the performance on the 16th, Visual Artist Mashid Mohadjerin engages in a conversation with Azade Shahmiri.

Each object hides a story and keeps it alive. But what does the immediate presence of that object, which is devoid of meaning and past, mean? What do unrelated objects do when they come together in a space where they don't belong? In this performance-installation, the artist creates new relationships between objects. In this way she develops her own form of storytelling with objects that move through time and connect us.

Azade Shahmiri (1982) is a Tehran-based theater director and performance artist, visual artist Her artistic practice moves between theater, performance, lecture and installation. Her projects are based on research and are closely interwoven with personal narratives, the narratives of the past, and the concepts of reality and documentation. For several years, she has expanded her artistic practice to explore the realm of objects and materials as tools for performative creations. Her artistic works have been shown in various theaters and festivals in Europe and Asia, including Tehran, Kyoto, Gwangju, Kerala, Vienna, Zurich, Basel, Edinburgh, Brussels, Berlin, Geneva and Mannheim.

By Azade Shahmiri
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