Talk with Amateur Community

Instrument of Unification – Amateur Community
11.02.23 15:00 Talk met Amateur Community – Free entrance reservation required

Amateur Community consists of different people with different backgrounds. In the process of making this project "Instrument of Unification" Mohammad Rezaee, Hamid Salehi, Forogh Jalilian and Maria Harfouche worked as Filmmakers and Mahdi Bakhshi worked as a Technical Designer.

By documenting Tehran and Tbilisi and freely filming people, places and everyday life, Amateur Community realised that they were bringing together an archive of the city, and a new working method was created. The installation Instrument of Unification, which has in the meanwhile also been fed with film work about other cities, invites the public to browse the archive and to create new films with the existing material, using editing software. In the context of Moussem Cities Tehran, the artists are in residence at Moussem to film Brussels as well, and to integrate this material in the installation.

On 11 February, you are welcome to meet the Amateur Community collective around the origins of the project, the recordings they are realising in Brussels and around the cross-fertilisation they are seeking between Tehran and other cities.